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Work and Development Orders

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Conditions of entry

Personal information provided to or collected by the Office of State Revenue (OSR) is regulated by the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998. All information and images on the Work and Development Order (WDO) self service portal are confidential.

Unauthorised access and use of the WDO self service portal is prohibited and may breach privacy law.

As an approved provider for the WDO scheme, I accept the following conditions:

  • I will maintain confidentiality and privacy of information accessed or obtained as part of my duties as an approved WDO provider
  • I will not disclose any information except as authorised by the consent of the person on whose behalf I am acting or as required by law
  • I am responsible for all access to the WDO self service portal using my login ID and password
  • I will keep my login ID and password secure and not intentionally disclose them
  • I will log out or lock my WDO self service portal screen when not in view of my workstation

Use of OSR applications may be monitored and recorded for compliance with OSR policies, to investigate conduct that may be illegal or adversely affect OSR or its employees and to prevent inappropriate use.